ICP, looking to spread the message of the Dark Carnival, quickly signed up with Jive Records but shortly after the release of the 3rd Joker's Card, The Riddlebox, Jive's true plans were uncovered. Jive only released the CD in Mich, and they didn't try to promote the CD. Soon ICP and the Psychopathic Records Team hit the streets promoting the new CD.

The Riddle Box

  1. Intro
  2. Riddle Box
  3. Show Must Go On
  4. Chicken Huntin'
  5. Toy Box
  6. Interview
  7. Cemetery Girl
  8. 3 Rings
  9. Headless Boogie
  10. Joker's Wild
  11. Dead Body Man
  12. Lil' Somthin' Somthin'
  13. ol' Evil Eye
  14. 12
  15. Killing Fields
  16. I'm Coming Home
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