ICP went to Hollywood Records to promote their 4th Joker's Card, The Great Milenko. Yet, 6 hours after its release, it was recalled. Hollywood Records owner, Disney, was under boycott from the Southern Baptist and the recall was a token of good faith between them. It took a meeting from Alex Abbiss and a declaration that he would bring in the Juggalos to burn down Disneyland to get ICP out of their contract and able to sign up with Island Records. The Great Milenko was re-released with extra tracks and it went on to be certified Platinum. It is currently the record holder for the longest running hip-hop/rap album in Billboard history.

The Great Milenko
  1. Intro
  2. Great milenko
  3. Hokus pokus
  4. Piggy pie
  5. How many times
  6. Southwest voodoo
  7. Halls of illusions
  8. What is a juggalo
  9. House of horrors
  10. Hellalu jah
  11. Down with the clown
  12. Just like that
  13. Pass me by
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